Summer in the City

The last few days in Calgary have been gorgeous! It really gets me thinking of summer – how we all long and yearn for it’s arrival, it’s fleeting existence – every day between Feb 1 – May 1 I think of warmer temps! I like a bit of winter – really I do, from Nov to Jan would be perfect – haha. Unfortunately though, Calgary gets more snow in March than any other month – winter tends to drag here well into April and even May sometimes.

This past summer, I took some HDR pics downtown during the sunset. These pics are taken of the same subject at various exposures. Then they’re stacked in post processing into one photo to get all of the light –  with an little added colour for artistic flair and sentimentality for the season – haha!! I pulled these out today cause they inspire me to keep enduring winter’s long grip. I hope they inspire someone else stuck in the winter doldrums – or any doldrums! The pictures are of the Prince’s Island by the lagoon – close up and far away – and then the Peace Bridge.

Princes Island Park, HDR, Sunset, Calgary, YYC, Dusty Rivers Photography, Princes Island Park 2, HDR, Sunset, Calgary, YYC, Dusty Rivers Photography, Pease Bridge, HDR, Calgary, YYC, Sunset, DustyRivers Photography,

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