Spinning in Calgary

Hello and happy 2016! I hope everyone has been having a great year! It’s been awhile since my last post – a really long while. I have a couple long term projects that keep me busy – haha! As well, working full time and finding the time to get out take the photos and editing leave little time for writing about them. I have such a backlog in my library though, I would like to share them and show southern Alberta to the world. The fun part for me will be reliving the moments I’ve had while taking the pics – which have been fantastic. A great example is the night we went spinning …

… I was downtown with a friend a few weeks ago now we had some steel wool, a whisk, a lighter and a chain. I had wanted to try this for ages and finally had the opportunity. We stuffed the steel wool into the whisk, attached the chain to end of the whisk, lit the steel wool and starting spinning. It was super fun and we scored some cool pics.




Thanks for stopping by!!


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