My 1st HDR Fun

I was finally able to get out for some fun and fulfill a years long obsession!! I stopped buying used CD’s at Value Village for a few weeks, bit the bullet and purchased a HDR specific editing program. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range – so you shoot 3 or 5 or 7 pictures at various exposures and then the pics are “stacked” together to get a very cool picture using this software. Your phone will have an app or setting on your camera function for this too. I like Snapseed for editing phone pics.

For these pictures, I got out early last Saturday morning and literally it went from dark grey to the scenes here below to a lighter grey all within 10 mins. I just played around with the editing a bit and had some fun for my initial pictures. There are many options from very natural to totally crazy artistic settings. It’s pretty cool! I kinda went in between – you know it’s been processed but it’s not crazy like some of the presets – haha!

1st HDR IMG_0886_87_88_89_90_tonemapped


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