Banff, Alberta, Canada

While in Banff a week or so ago I got to see some pretty neat wildlife. I took a drive around the outskirts of town on this little road that was super quiet and peaceful in the middle of the woods. I pulled over and waited to see if I could catch a glimpse of something and there was the elk like 20 feet away in the woods. She let me watch her for about 10 mins before moving on. After getting a some pics I drove another few kilometres up the road and as soon as I closed my car door out popped Mr. Coyote – haha!

She looks like a pretty young elk!

Elk, Banff, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotography

The camouflage in the grass is amazing!

Coyote, Banff, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotography

This creek is on the 1A Highway just before Exshaw.

mountain  creek, sepia, Canmore, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotography

These are the Bow Falls in Banff.

Bow Falls, Banff, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotography


All in all it was a great day.


Thanks for visiting!!

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