The Bow Building

Went out the other day for a walk along the river and got some cool shots of The Bow Building from a few angles. It is a great building to photograph and I try to capture it every time I go downtown. I thought I’d change it up with some colour variations along with the different angles.

This is Rob heading down for a couple shots! I had a brutal cold that day but it was good to get out anyway!

The Bow, Black and White, yyc, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotographyThis was down the river a bit. The Bow is huge compared to the Calgary Tower, eh?!

The Bow, Sepia Tone, yyc, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotography

This last one is taken east of Chinatown. I like this view from the across the river on Memorial Dr. at night!

The Bow building, cyclist, Calgary pathways, yyc, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotographyThanks for stopping by!


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