Calgary at Night

My buddy and I have been lucky enough to get out the past couple weekends for some night shots around the city. It’s been a blast and the weathers been phenomenal ever since the snowstorm we got earlier this month.

This first picture was taken just off of 17th Ave Sw. It’s a really neat older building that I’ve never had the opportunity to go into but have seen lots. I really liked how it was lit up in the evening and the flag flying at the top!

Night Shot, Old Building, yyc, Calgary, dustyriversphotography

This second picture was taken while we were standing up on Scotsman Hill. I really like this location as it’s really close to the core and higher up so the view is fantastic! There was a crazy party going on below us so the lighting was great!

City Skyline, night shot, yyc, Calgary, dustyriversphotography

The last picture is my all time favourite! Both in the end results and what it took to get the pic. My buddy had scouted out the location previously and so we knew we were in for some wading into the Bow River – haha! We put on our sandals and braved a foot deep, 20 foot walk across a stretch of super chilly glacier water to get to this little island. Once there, we set up, waited until it was dusk and I ended up with the shot below. I was really excited with the buildings lights reflecting off the smooth water! It was pitch dark while we waded back to shore and got to the car! Well worth it though and it was an absolute blast!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bow River, City Skyline, night shot, yyc, Calgary, dustyriversphotography


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