Coeur D’Alene Beauty

I was in Coeur D’Alene this past week and went out to see if I could score any cool sunset shots. I managed to get a couple neat ones! The truck driving by on the gravel road kicking up dust was lucky! The next evening I went for a walk downtown by the harbour. They had a sunset cruise ship just leaving and so I popped off a funky shot while it was heading out. It is a beautiful city and the people are super friendly! I got talking to a guy who was doing some dives off one of the stiles – it was about 15 ft above the water and he would do flips. It was a really fun night!

Thanks for visiting!


Wicked Sunset Coeur D'Alene Idaho USA dustyriversphotographyWicked Sunset 2 Coeur D'Alene Idaho USA dustyriversphotographySunset Crusie Boat Coeur D'Alene Idaho USA dustyriversphotographyDiving at the dock with Nathan from Coeur D'Alene Idaho USA dustyriversphotography

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